MGStudio-NFT is one of the first creators of NFTs on Elrond Network.

Our goal is to create NFTs books and NFTs collectibles.

We want to change the way people read and interact with arts.

Join our first writing contest  !

Muertos collection is our very first collection. It is inspired by “El Dia de los muertos”, a Mexican celebration. The collection consist of 100 unique NFTs subdivided in three categories (Commons, Rare and Ultra-Rare).

Muertos Members can participate in exclusive events such as exclusive NFT mints, community giveaways, and more.

The MUERTO Collection has been minted the 20 October 2021. Therefore, If you are a Muerto owner, you can be proud to be an early adpoter.

We hear the fury. We hear thunder ! This storm has the power of a 1000 $MEX !

The 7 November $MEX were released on Elrond Network. In order to celebrate the event, we have created the STORM collection. All STORM NFTs are animated NFTs. They are unique arts, and every collection will be represented by an NFTs STORM.

The original storm of these NFTs has been filmed in Costa-Rica by on of the MGstudio artists.

MGSIXELA Collection has been created by the Argentinan Artist IGESIXELA.

This collection is our first collaboration. IGESIXELA will also create special NFTs for the Odyssey Magazine.

Thanks to the quality of his arts, and our partnership, we will contribute to promote Elrond NFTs in Argentina and South America.

Mini Muertos have just appeared in our world ! Where do they come from ? Are they part of the Muertos Family ? 

Be careful, they might be adorable, but they already plan to conquer the world and spread Elrond’s good words !

The library is a mysterious lair where hides the most magic NFTs books ! Explore the Library !

1. Odyssey Magazine 

It will be the first NFT Magazine to be minted on Elrond. This special and unique NFT will include arts, short-stories, biographies, and much more ! Odyssey is the result of an international cooperation. 

2. Memories Books

The original stories of Muertos, Mgsixela, Storm and Minis. Who they are, and why they protect the Library and Odyssey.

3. Story Books 

Short fiction stories. Are they true ? It’s up to you to find out.

 4. Magic Book

You are a wizard and want to learn some new knwoledge ? Beware these books are reserved for the wise. 

Some muertos have come back to life! They seem stronger than ever to protect the Odyssey.



Guiguix Muerto is an Insmoniac Muerto. This is maybe due to all the coffee he drinks, or maybe because he love so much NFTs and Elrond. Thanks to his “superpower” he can work day and night !

Viva el café !

Nauthiz has a super brain. He has worked with Charles Xavier and together they have developed the Cerebro. Then he quit the X-Muertos and became the Muerto Chess World Champion. And now he want to conquer the world with NFTs… Long story.

You wanna play ? 

1.e4 e5 2.Cf3 Cc6 3.c3

Marloune is an Artist Muerto. She is so dedicated to her arts that some part of her souls go and travel through her NFTs.

Be carefull,  some of her NFTs can come to life ! 

Igesixela Muerto has crossed the Andes Mountain to spread Elrond good words and make NFTs. 

This talented artist draws his inspiration from the real and the unreal. Thanks to his talents he can cut and combine colors and parts of the time to create special NFTs. 

Also, he secretly tries to convert Guiguix to drink maté.

MGStudio aims to build NFTs on Elrond.  Our mission is to change the way people interacts with arts and books. 

If you want to become an Owner of a Muerto NFTs or a Storm NFTs  you can go here :



Please feel free to send us an email :

Or Join our twitter : HERE.

Muertos members can participate in exclusive events that will be hosted such as exclusive NFT mints, community giveaways, and more.

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